Seven Weird and Interesting Speakers

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Some speakers specialize in booming bass, others focus on the mid-range of sound, some offer full-range speakers deliver sounds at all ranges, low, mid, and high. For every type of music, production, or sound, speakers exist to deliver that sound.

However, some speakers seem to specialize in the aesthetics. Sometimes, the intention is to be weird. Other times, they are designed for a particular purpose, and weird is the by-product.

Here are 7 Weird and Interesting Speakers

BenQ treVolo S Wireless Bluetooth Portable Electrostatic Speaker

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What makes it interesting?

Traditional speakers are all about magnets and resonating boxes. The Benq treVolo uses electrostatic tech to run a current through a membrane to produce sound. The result is a thinner speaker that weighs virtually nothing.


Although the treVolo S speakers offer deep bass, they shine in the mid-range, making them perfect for vocals or acoustics. Additionally, the 3D technology is unparalleled in this size of speaker. For music recorded live, the experience is, to say the least, immersive in that the listener feels as if he or she is sitting right in front of the band. Finally, for the best experience, the speakers offer listeners the ability to enjoy the performance of one set or connect two of them, via the dual-mode option, increasing both the range of the delivery and the experience of 3D sound.


  • exposed build eliminates cabinet resonance
  • small footprint perfect for desktops
  • dual-speaker option
  • electrostatic technology reduces distortion by 90 percent


SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers



Simply put, the SoundSOUL speakers are made for ambiance. High-quality speakers are embedded in a chassis mounted beneath water-fountain cylinders.

What makes it interesting?

The LED lights shimmer to the music while the fountains pulsate to the beat.

That said, the SoundSOUL series would not be worth much if they were unable to provide rich, clear sound--which they do. The bass is deep, and both the mid-ranges and high-ranges are surprisingly crisp.

Compatible with wireless smart phones or computers via 3.5 mm jacks, they provide a literal visual symphony.


- unbreakable build
- non-toxic liquids
- rich sound


ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker



What makes it interesting?

Okay, what is this? The ICE 7 Arc Star speaker is a rich-sound speaker, delivering surprisingly rich sound quality in a compact, levitating package. Yes, you read that right. This speaker levitates.

Usually, these types of levitating products are designed to showcase odd products that hover atop the invisible waves of an electromagnet. This technology works with shoes, balls, and even plants. However, in other products, the levitation is only fun for a moment because the cord gives away the game, so to speak.

These speakers, however, are battery operated. As such, a cord does not detract from the novelty of the speakers. In fact, the speakers are the best embodiment of this type of technology.

That said, the speakers themselves deserve some acclaim. They produce rich sound across all bandwidths, and they are responsive for up to 10 meters away.


  • fun
  • high-quality sound

Note: Yes--for all you Star Wars fans, it looks surprisingly similar to the Death Star.


Turtle Beach’s Hypersound Glass


Has flying cars finally arrived? Who cares! With hypersound technology Turtle Beach has manages to achieve a tight beam of sound projected from a flat pane of glass. Stand outside the beam and you don't hear anything.

Layers of film across a the plane of the glass generate ultrasonic waves in stead of sound waves, but due to some science and magic these waves turn back into sound as the waves travels.

This creates awesome potential in future to direct a unique beams of sound to different people in a room. Headphones would have become so 1992. Imagine you cranking up the volume in your open plan office without bothering the person next to you.



Another innovation in the glass & sound category, the Sony LSPX S2 speakers have all the modern technology of glass combined with classic aesthetics. Within the cylinder's center is a filament that lights to the sound, creating the flickering of a candle.

The sub-woofer offers rich bass along with a reliable low center of gravity, and the glass tube serves as the tweeter, offering clear notes across the highest of frequencies. It connects to any smart phone via the Song Pal app, which also controls volume and filament brightness.

For some people, this speaker might seem weird. However, to others, it will be perceived as it truly is--fantastic.


  • classic style fits with any environment or decor
  • rich sound
  • aluminum base


iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker


A waterproof speaker for the shower has been needed for decades, and although many now exist, the iFox is designed for people wanting quality sound in the shower.
It works by connecting via Bluetooth to a smartphone or computer with an app. Once connected to a downloaded or online playlist, the front, center-mounted controls offer you the ability to play or cycle through them.

Although they are marketed as a shower speaker, they have a conference call capability and waterproof design, making them perfect for taking calls or listing to music at a pool. For convenience, the battery offers a three-hour charge--enough for nearly three weeks of showers.


  • high-quality sound even when wet
  • watertight
  • user-friendly controls


Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker Zealot S1 Bike Cycling Portable Speakers


These handlebar-mounted speakers offer cyclists the ability to listen to their favorite music while maintaining safe, hands-on control of their bicycle. The speakers are shaped like a shotgun microphone, channeling sound directly at the bicyclist.

Surprisingly, even with wind, the sound is clear. The bass is satisfying, and the volume is penetrating without being distracting. As one might expect with a speaker made for a bicycle, it delivers rich sound that the rider does not have to strain to hear. In addition to connecting to your smart phone, it offers FM radio capability. It charges via a USB cord plugged into a smart phone, and the battery offers up to 24 hours of usage.


  • rich sound in a noisy environment


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