Optodio Macro Starter Kit Plus for Nikon 52mm threadsize

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  • R 397.00
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The ideal kit for enhancing your macro photography.


  • This kit is a Macro photography kit – it does not include items like colored filters and lens hoods.
  • Components of this kit exist solely to bring you closer to the subject you are photographing.
  • Enables you to take macro photos without a macro lens.
  • Or when used with a macro lens gives you increased magnification.

Fits lenses with a 52mm thread (see 4th image of lens above).
Package includes: 
-1 x Reverse Ring
-4 x Close-Up Lenses (+1, +2, +4, +10 magnification)
-3 x Sections Extension Tubes that can be used independently or in combination.
-Getting started PDF guide.

Reverse ring screws into the filter thread and enables you to reverse the lens, thereby increasing magnification.
4 Close-up filter lenses screw into the filter thread and provide up to +10 magnification.
3 Section Extension tubes fit into the rear of the lens and connects it to the camera. Their function is to increase the focal distance from the camera sensor to increase your magnification. Manual focus only.

Suggestions on how you can combine the components for best results: 
-Use +4 and +10 Close-up lenses together to enhance magnification.
-Use [1], [2] and [3] extension tubes together for maximum focal distance effect.
-Place the macro extension tube marked [1] at the rear of the lens, with the +4 Close-up lens in front.
-Reverse ring, used on its own. You will get great results with a prime lens.