Meike MK-C-AF3A Metal Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube Set 10mm 16mm for Canon M Mount

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  • R 425.00
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  • Professional Extension tube set design for Canon M mount camera.
  • Length: 10mm & 16mm three kinds of combinations support three kinds of magnifications.
  • Designed  to shoot at close distance with higher magnification.
  • Electronic signals between camera and lens are transferred through the electronic contacts, enabling you to use all of the camera's shooting modes including Auto Focus.
  • Higher magnification allows for great macro photos without needing a dedicated macro lens.
  • Wide lenses are also usable, but depending on how the lens is combined with the tube, the distance between lens front and subject may become extremely close.
  • Suitable lenses are from standard to telephoto as well as macro (micro) lenses.
  • Depending on the shooting conditions, exposure compensation is required.