PetEnjoy Dog Push Pedal Water Fountain

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  • R 899.00
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Teach your dog a cool new trick and have them dispense their own water!

PetEnjoy Water Dispenser

Remove the hassle of having to fill the water bowl daily.


The dog will finally be able to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink of water whenever it feels like it.

Keep your pooch cool with a paw-operated drinking fountain.

Even a great toy for your toddlers!

  • Dimensions: 22cm x 21cm x 6cm.
  • 1m extendable waterhose – pressure proof.
  • Steel pedal painted white – does not overheat in sun.
  • Copper control valve.
  • To connect to water, either:
    • Screw direct into outdoor faucet
  • or
    • use adapter to connect to garden hose